Germany’s clean energy holiday weekend

Press Release

May 03, 2017


Coal and nuclear energy sources reduced to near-complete standby

Berlin (GTAI) – A combination of breezy and sunny weather in the north and warm weather in the south saw Germany’s May 1 holiday weekend powered almost exclusively by renewable resources, according to the Agora Energiewende Initiative. Most of Germany’s coal-fired power stations were not even operating on Sunday April 30th, with renewable sources accounting for 85 per cent of electricity across the country. Nuclear power sources, which are planned to be completely phased out by 2022, were also severely reduced.

Patrick Graichen of Agora Energiewende said days like April 30 would be “completely normal” by 2030, as the federal government’s Energiewende (energy transition) initiative continues to add value to the wealth of resources invested in it. A document released by Germany’s government on Thursday showed that money spent on research into energy in Germany has more than doubled since 2006.

The money spent has risen from €400m in 2006 to a little over €875 in 2016, and has helped renewable energies grab such a significant hold within the German energy supply, as well as underpinning a fall in primary energy consumption, two key concepts of Germany’s vaunted Energiewende (Energy Transition). Of the 2016 overall investment spend, around €116 was spent on Solar PV technology, €86m into wind power and €57m into energy storage.

“Germany, through its determination to see the ambitious targets of the Energiewende realised, has become a global centre of research into all fields of clean energy,” said Tobias Rothacher, Senior Manager of Photovoltaic and Energy Storage at federal economic development agency Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI). “This significant level of investment from the government alone has enabled the creation of clusters and companies pushing back further the boundaries of the energy grid. This research budget, backed up by private investment, has seen Germany become a pioneer in clean and green energy technology where first-mover value is constantly being created.”