Warehouse and Logistics

Our German warehousing service, as a key node between you and your customers, is more conducive to the expansion of overseas markets. We can reduce the logistics costs, delivery time and order cycle. With the new user experience, we can make your sales reach a new breakthrough.

As the German logistics industry is very developed, we can provide you not only with efficient transport, and also with procurement agents, financing, warehousing, customs clearance and other services.

All goods are entered into the warehouse management system and customers can always check the information of the goods. We provide a series of services from the delivery to packaging and tray.

Compared to other European warehouses, under the same conditions, our warehouse has an obvious price advantage

Our warehouse in Germany can provide the local services, for the enterprises or individuals, which are located in China and sell or buy goods in Germany and in the EU.

For the E-commerce enterprises, our warehouse can provide various types of warehousing functions according to your requirements, which integrate the storage and packaging services. For the users with self-built platform or the users with specialized production and sales business, we can also provide a variety of customized services according to your requirements. For express logistics enterprises or the enterprises with special requirements, we can establish a completely independent storage space for your platform, with independent service team and information exchange platform.

For the users with less business, we have also a public storage area with a variety of services, which include mailing by envelope, all kinds of courier, the air pallets and the entire container. The daily handling capacity is more than 3.000 units and it can meet all kinds of enterprises for personal using, logistics industry cooperation and other needs.

Our customer service and offices located in China provide customers with all Chinese contact and the necessary data exchange, so that the remote managing of overseas storage can be as easy as managing a company in China. We cooperate with professional German organizations, which are legally registered in Germany, with the EU import and export rights. With clear accounting, clear service, clear liability, the customers can not worry about the loss caused by commissioned by the private purchasing, transport and other irregularities.

Overseas warehousing (import from the EU): For the individuals and enterprise, we provide services including procurement in the EU, making orders for special items, the euro payment settlement. The local professional logistics warehousing in Germany provides receipt and delivery of goods.  Registered users can enjoy discount prices in express delivery, air transport and sea shipping.

Overseas warehousing (export overseas): For the export enterprises, we provide sales distribution and after-sales service in the EU. Bulk delivery from the exporters, local storage in the Germany and distribution in the EU.

Logistics delivery (air shipping, railways, express delivery services): Covering the express, air, sea and rail with various forms of international and local prices, our delivery service can be extended to customs clearance, packing and delivery for E-commerce, charging and payment and all kind of other services.