The Permanent Fair of the Linyi Europe Trade Center is in the exhibition city-Frankfurt am Main. The exhibition hall has 100 units, and one unit is 13m² or 17m². Customers can rent the exhibition stands according to their needs. The exhibition areas are divided by product type into Hardware products area, gardening area, handicraft area, labor insurance area, etc.

Our Permanent Fair provides the Chinese sellers and European buyers a long-term exhibition and trade platform in Europe. China’s products will be managed and sold by a professional team in Germany, and we provide also professional logistics solutions. In contrast, small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe can also get a channel to purchase Chinese inexpensive goods. Chinese and European exhibitors as sellers, buyers will be no longer limited to the general short-term exhibitions with 3-5 days. The goods from suppliers will be displayed in 365 days a year in our Permanent Fair. European buyers can also ‘stay at home’ to get the information about the goods and the sellers. Whether the buys watch the goods on site, or we send the buys the samples, it is more direct and fast than the previous ways.